Trend Talks

Trend consultants Scarlet Opus are once again supporting the show, with trend talks, trend displays of the most 'on-trend' products, and bookable trend tours,

Here is a taster of the three trends for 2022 and beyond that were on display at the Show in 2021.

The importance of understanding trends and their potential impact on your business is huge and the show includes details of three key trends in interiors.

Why is an understanding of trends so important?

Designs Trends for interiors emerge (currently) with the seasons, They will emerge and permeate the world of fashion and housewares, whether you understand them, are aware of them, follow them ... or not.

Understanding the causes of trends, why & what they are gives retailers insight into how their customers are feeling and what they want to surrounds themselves with.

Armed with this knowledge a retailer can develop an instore experience that will attract and engage consumers, purchase products in made using the materials, colours, patterns and shapes that will satisfy the prevailing wants, needs and desires of their customers. Merchandising displays is given direction & purpose. Knowledge & use of future trend insights is like harnessing the power of a Perfect Storm and using it to power your business.

Trend Intelligence can and will, future proof your business.

Phil 2


"Neo Luxe" trend

Neo Luxe, all sophistication and dark romance from earlier centuries combines rich luxurious colours with high drama and an almost punk quality in its provocative glamour. Key for Christmas, the look will be around for three to five years. Attend the show to find out more.

"Togetherness" trend

Togetherness will manifest in spring / summer 2022. Upbeat and positive, joyful, colourful and vintage, it is all about sharing, collaboration and putting people first, a multicultural outdoors them with flavours of Africa and the Caribbean. Get all the details at the Show.

Togetherness 2022


"Reset" trend

Reset accepts sustainability not as a trend but as ‘the norm’.  This is about the circular economy and designing out waste and will see blues and greens with muted patterns reminiscent of foliage, herb, fruit and vegetables. Hear from the Scarlet Opus trend forecasters at the Show.

Reset 1