Designed to meet the needs of small businesses and start-ups in the industry, the Launch Pad at Exclusively is a dedicated area for buyers to find new, innovative products and suppliers.

Here is a selection of the exciting companies that will attend in 2023…




Roll'Eat  EH501

Roll'eat designs and creates reusable food wraps, providing alternative products to reduce the use of disposable wrappers that create waste after just a single-use.
Different available products like Boc'n'Roll, our environmentally friendly sandwich wrap sized to fit all sandwiches and serving as an individual placemat and it is machine washable.
Snack'n'Go is the perfect snack bag for all your favorites and Eat'n'Out our lunch bag!

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Sue Ure Maison  EH503

Launched in 2014, inspired by 1960’s colour and optimism, Sue Ure Maison contemporary designs are about offering the customer the possibility to choose harmonising elements, in both colour and form. Launching new jugs and bowls into our tactile and simply elegant Ambit black and white porcelain tableware range. A small brand who values personal relationships with our retailers. Ethically sourced, made for the future.

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Designer Fragrances

Loveliga  EH507

We make beautiful things out of sustainable materials and only take what the planet is happy to give. Creating from waste is our way of trying to make a difference and to give back useful, beautiful products we can all enjoy. We are a family business, based by the sea in Cornwall in the UK. Much of our collection is made from cork, which is grown sustainably in forests in Portugal. The only use materials that are organic, recycled or compostable.

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DH LifeLabs  EH508

To power the product lines – Aaira and Sciaire – DH Lifelabs has developed two unique technologies using disinfectant agents that naturally exist in the world around us. Aaira products generate a natural cleaning solution containing hypochlorous acid (HOCl) while the Sciaire line uses plasma ions to actively clean the air of working and living spaces.

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Klimchi EH510

KLIMCHI’s heart and soul is dedicated to handcrafting beautiful glassware for the moments in life we want to hold onto. The breath-taking. The heartbreaking. The astonishing. The beautiful. As we imbue our designs with a curiosity and passion for life, our vision is to create contemporary glass art that will become part of your own story.

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Gastroback low res

Butter Bell crock EH512

Softened butter on freshly baked bread is one of life's little luxuries. Yet, cold refrigerated butter is impossible to spread, leaving toast torn or lumpy clumps on our favorite foods. The Original Butter Bell crock solves the hard butter dilemma. Our line of decorative ceramic butter crocks keep butter fresh and spreadable, without refrigeration, spoilage or odors. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors to match any tabletop decor.

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Spice Kitchen

Silikomart EH514

We design avant-garde pastry-making moulds that we hope to push towards new frontiers. Furthermore, we enter uncharted territories and move the limits of what can be done to create new ways of baking. Silikomart supports the pioneers of this art. We transform the creative genius of some of the greatest pastry chefs of our time into extraordinary and revolutionary works of art.

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Spice Kitchen

Aquaphor EH516

Premium filter. Pure water!. A greater future means pushing the limits of today. We constantly challenge the current state of water purification to introduce you to simple things – a refreshing sip of water, a flavourful dinner with people you love, a revitalising shower, or a soft touch of home textiles. Welcome to the world of Aquaphor clean water perfection.

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