Working with retailers & manufacturers Scarlet Opus provide in-depth information about the future wants needs & desires of consumers; how people will be living in the future and what they will want to surround themselves with. We get very specific about colour, material, pattern, texture & shape to make products desirable 2-3yrs in advance of their launch.

Changing uncertainty into positive opportunity & profitable new ventures by leveraging Trend Intelligence correctly we can secure a more certain future for clients. Identifying which trends are right for each sector, we create a unique & sustainable competitive advantage for each client. Trend Intelligence unlocks the path to our client's chosen future.

Knowing what is coming next in your market sector, helps you de-risk innovation and creativity resulting in growth for any business.

The Scarlet Opus Trend seminar, Trend Display, Trend Tours and Christmas Window Display will all be focused on the 3 following Design Trends:

On Trend - Christmas 2018
Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 Trend – Imperfect Beauty

The followers of this trend will be keen to search for the beauty in disorder; there is seemingly so much chaos all around us in the world that we begin to look for the good in it. By exposing weaknesses there is the hope this will reveal new strengths. In general we will be on a quest for the truth wanting to embrace ‘realness’. Imperfect Beauty has a handmade approach with a luxurious attitude. The trend is heavily focused on the Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ and the Japanese art of ‘Kintsugi’. In which Imperfection is celebrated as a form of Authenticity and creative expression. We will use this ‘look’ for the Christmas Window Display installation.

On Trend - Spring Summer 2019
Spring/Summer 2019 Trend – Clarity

Clarity is a trend about stepping back and taking stock, to ask ourselves the question “What do I need” as opposed to the constant “What have I been told to want”. It’s about the desire to, Stop. Breathe. Simplify. We have been in a time of intense content consumption and manufacturing consensus; it’s time to return to our core. Charles Bukowski’s question, beautifully sums up these thoughts & feelings: “Can you remember who you were; before the world told you who you should be?” This trend has a super-selective style based on feel & function. Products that adapt to my needs, calming, nourishing and freedom of choice.

On Trend - Spring Summer 2019
2019 Design Trend – ECO 2.0

#ownyourownimpact is the basis of this design trend. A recognition and acceptance, that we each have individual responsibility and accountability, for our personal impact on the environment and society. Eco 2.0 is the trend in which there is a coming together of science, nature and craft. It’s a new direction for the eco-design movement. We recognise that by making better choices, the result can benefit ecology, economy and social equality. Products are designed in appearance to restrain the rawness associated with recycled/re-purposed in favour of an outcome with more finesse. A new take on sustainable products made using recycled/re-purposed materials; refined and more luxurious in look and feel

Scarlet Opus 1 sm for web

Is your product on trend?

All products submitted to the Show preview will be considered in addition Scarlet Opus will select products from websites and submissions that fit into the above categories.

  • If selected Scarlet Opus will ask the exhibitor to supply one sample of the selected product for the Trend display and to have one displayed on their stand alongside the appropriate logo.
  • It’s never too late to be awarded an “Ontrend” logo. At the show, further on trends products not previously seen will be offered On-Trend logos to be displayed with them.
  • Ontrend product will be highlighted in the Show Preview
  • Post show, the show team are happy to supply digital logos for websites and POS for winning on trend products.


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