Exclusively Shows are delighted to announce that Charles Banks from “the food people” will be presenting a food trend talk each day at the show.  

“the food people” will share the most relevant food and drink future trends which will have an impact on every visitor and exhibitor attending the show over the course of the next 2 years.

 Charles Banks adds

“The problem for business today is that food moves fast, very fast and often the consumer is moving faster still. So understanding what the next vegan, the next street food or the next Korean is, is critical for business. At “the food people” we combine specialist global understanding of consumer trends and behaviours with our expertise and passion in food and drink to define the future horizon in the sector”


Each year “the food people” release their rolling 2 year future food and drink trend forecast to define the social and cultures forces impacting food and drink, the food and drink mega trends themselves and the plethora of trend manifestations that sit beneath them. From retail to foodservice, from cuisines to ingredients and cooking methods to preparation techniques, this two year food and drink future forecast will help your business align your buying, promotions, events and merchandising with the trends of tomorrow.


Embrace food and drink foresight, embrace YOUR future and be a champion of change.


The food trend talks, with speaker Charles Banks,
will take place at 11.15am each day in the trend hub.

“the food people” will also welcome visitors to their display in the trend hub above Exclusively Electrical, to  explore their online trends platform, have a look through the 2019-20 trends book and take away a free copy of the 2019-20 trends infographic poster.


About Charles

A fourth generation foodie, cooking at his mother's side in the kitchen is where Charles' passion for food began. Hours spent training as a chef led to him winning the title of Junior Chef of the Year. From restaurants, he moved to product development at Saxby’s, Sainsbury and others – He adds, “The reason that “the food people” exists is because we’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like; we know it’s not easy generating ideas and identifying trends.”

If you would like to connect with thefoodpeople they can be found here

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