Welcome to Exclusively Housewares and sister show Exclusively Electrical. If this is your first visit, then we hope you enjoy the ‘Exclusively’ experience!

We are very proud that the Exclusively Shows continue to be a fantastic showcase for the industry. The two shows create a unique platform from which you can easily review the styles and trends in the pipeline for housewares, tableware’s and small domestic and kitchen appliances.

Why not start your day with taking a visit to the Scarlet Opus  “On Trend Display”, which highlights products at the show that represent key consumer and design trends for our industry.

Alternatively join a Trend Tour, this is a fantastic chance to explore and understand the trends evolving from season to season.

Each day we will run a Trend talks, a very popular show essential, offering inspiration to take your business forward.

Please also take time to browse this website, look at the new and returning exhibitor’s profiles to help you create a priority list of Exhibitors to see during your visit.