Trend Talks

Why not start your 2020 Exclusively at the Trend Hub, where the displays created incorporate exhibitor products and inspiring merchandising ideas (selected in the context of 2021 consumer design trends by our Trend Agency Scarlet Opus).

The Trend Hub can be found on the Gallery Level along with our ‘Brand Showcase’.

Certain knowledge about what consumers will want to have in 2020/21 enables you to buy more of what will sell; it takes the risk out of buying for retailers. You can use Trend Information to create engaging merchandising. Trend knowledge let’s retailers be the best they can be and enjoy a secure, certain future.

Trend Talks

On route to the Trend Hub and throughout your time at the show, look out for the ‘Recommended on Trend Product’ Awards around the exhibition on exhibitors stands. The Scarlet Opus team have selected the products as the ‘must buys’ because they are the best in show as ‘fits’ for the 2021 design trends. There are plenty of great products to see at this years’ show alongside these ‘recommended for consideration’ items.

If you’re uncertain, or have any questions, just ask one of the SO Team; they’ll give unbiased product opinion ‘looking through the eyes’ of next years’ consumers.

To fully appreciate the value and use of future design trends, we would also recommend time is well spent either:

  • Taking part in a Trend Tour – see the show edited down to just a few products that you shouldn’t miss, or leave without placing an order for
  • Attending the Trend Talks – available on both days.
  • Visiting the Scarlet Opus Trend hub – open for the duration of the show.

Why is an understanding of trends so important?

Designs Trends for interiors emerge (currently) with the seasons, AW & SS. They will emerge and permeate the world of fashion and housewares, whether you understand them, are aware of them, follow them ... or not.

Understanding the causes of trends, why & what they are gives retailers insight into how their customers are feeling and what they want to surrounds themselves with. Armed with this knowledge a retailer can develop an instore experience that will attract and engage consumers, purchase products in made using the materials, colours, patterns and shapes that will satisfy the prevailing wants, needs and desires of their customers. Merchandising displays is given direction & purpose. Knowledge & use of future trend insights is like harnessing the power of a Perfect Storm and using it to power your business.

Trend Intelligence can and will, future proof your business.