Scarlet Opus 

The team at Scarlet Opus, the independent trend forecaster, had selected the ‘Recommended on Trend Products’ – these are the ‘must buys’ because they have the best ‘fit’ at the show for the 2021 design trends.

Soul Searching


Earth Age


Eco Living

My Gifts Trade

My Gifts Trade - Evergreen Collection and Riviera Collection


Our first product picks come from My Gifts Trade, a family-owned homewares business built on a foundation of strong relationships with UK Designers and the exclusive UK distribution of high quality European brands, including Costa Nova and Gusta whose products we have selected for the Trend Tour.

They connect perfectly with a Spring/Summer 2021 trend we call ‘Soul Searching’, which is a summer’s journey of self-discovery that helps consumers to achieve liberation from life’s pressures, negativity and uncertainty, and escape to a relaxed sanctuary surrounded by nature’s rejuvenating qualities. It focuses on transforming our homes and outdoor spaces into personal retreats where we can nurture ourselves, cultivate happiness and live better lives.

This translates into kitchen and dining area schemes that promote laidback luxury with exotic Southeast Asian and tropical hallmarks including:

• Lush jungle wallcoverings and textile accessories • Cane webbing and tropical hardwood furniture, along with oversized rattan pendant lampshades • High impact, low maintenance potted ferns and palms with air purifying abilities • And an abundance of lush green eclectically patterned tableware and serveware.

‘Evergreen’ tableware from Dutch company Gusta introduces nature to the table and helps present food in a way that enhances indoor and outdoor meal experiences, making these ‘meal moments’ feel special, whether you are preparing a flavoursome bowl of food for one, a family meal or for a larger gathering requiring multiple dishes.

The mix of patterns includes beautifully painted palm fronds, a Shibori tie dye effect, an exotic bird and pieces decorated with spontaneous swirls of green glaze. All the different plates and bowls look equally attractive when mixed on a table or stacked together on shelves. These types of greens look stunning with: • Amber and faux tortoiseshell glassware • Shades of dark teal • Brass, bronze and gold-toned flatware and decorative accessories • Mid-to-dark wood tones • Cork placemats • Woven straw food covers •

The evergreen products go well with leaf-shaped plates, bowls and dishes like Strelitzia (or Bird of Paradise) leaf shaped plates, which are our 2nd product pick from My Gifts Trade. They are part of a collection designed by French floral designer Christian Tortu for Portuguese brand Costa Nova. They are stoneware and therefore oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

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Fiskars Group - Iitalia range 


In addition to rich jungle greens and dark teals other key colours in the Soul Searching trend’s palette are Papaya and also Yellow. Golden sunshine yellows will play a significant role in providing a radiant positivity and feel good glow in 2021.

It is an optimistic, gender-neutral colour with a confident, laid-back attitude that has vivid associations with exotic holidays, fragrant spices and tropical fruit. On-trend yellows can be mellow and milky in tone with a retro 70s vibe, right through to slightly ochre mustards that give products a warm character. Yellows are set to trend-up in 2021 and their integration into Spring/Summer product offers is therefore well worth considering.


With all of this in mind we have selected Honey Yellow tableware by Iitalla from Fiskars for our Trend Tour. The Teema collection is minimalist, functional and decidedly modern considering it was designed back in the 1950s by the prestigious Finnish designer Kaj Franck. The high, flared edges give the plates a shallow bowl shape, making them really versatile. Plus they are freezer-friendly, ovenproof and suitable for microwaves and dishwashers. Available in several colours, the collection looks warm and on-trend in yellow.

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Le Creuset - Cast iron shallow casserole, Meringue colour  


At the Japanese dinner table, it’s customary to say "Gochisousama deshita!" after a meal. It means “Thank you for the wonderful food!”. The Cocotte Every is designed to master the basics of Japanese rice cooking and with substantial depth it offers enough capacity for different purposes that will help you craft all sorts of cuisines. The round-curved bottom, deep body, and dome-shaped lid will help your creations reach new levels of flavour by maximising heat convection. Its unique design also features a stoneware inner lid to prevent boiling over while cooking rice.


Stay cool: our heat resistant knob (up to 250°C) is designed for a better grip, even when using oven gloves to lift the lid.

Quick cleanup: an enamel interior helps make light work of cleaning.

A real workhorse: fit for the oven, hob, induction or under the grill.

Great tasting food: the cast iron construction retains heat for even cooking and browning. Your delicious creations will also stay warmer at the table for longer.

Locks in moisture: our tight-fitting lid helps boost moisture and enhances flavour, for perfectly cooked food.

Over the top: its lid has a special ventilation system to prevent boiling over.

Not too hot: cook with a steady, low to medium heat to take care of your cast iron and enjoy delicious results. Sophisticated simplicity: designed to master rice cooking while taking up less space in your kitchen.

One for all: made of Cast Iron, this incredibly versatile piece will meet the requirements of every chef and beginner alike for almost every dish. The Cocotte Every's unique shape will help your creations reach new levels of flavour whether you are making a soup, one pot pasta, or baking bread.

Ages gracefully: the enamel interior develops a natural patina that will behave like a non-stick surface. Its finish also has great food release properties with less seasoning required. Clean the product only with water so that the patina can be developed.


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Rayware - Typhoon Elements 


One of the key trends we have forecast for 2021 is called Earth Age. It acknowledges that whilst a new Space Age is dawning, and technology plays a pivotal role in more and more of our everyday tasks and interactions, it is nevertheless crucial (now more than ever) that we take time to cradle and nurture our human qualities alongside these technological advances. It is a path that takes us back to basics to embrace the universal values that bond us together and encourages a greater focus on how we can reconnect with ourselves and others without necessarily connecting to the internet.

Grounding touchpoints are created by the use of natural materials of and from the earth that resonate at a deep and basic level. They include onyx, agate, earthenware, slate, soapstone, crystals, suede, dark marbles and mid-to-dark toned woods with contrast character graining.

The Typhoon ‘Elements’ boards from Rayware fit into this trend’s aesthetic beautifully, being both earthy and elegant. They are an equally stylish addition to the kitchen for food preparation as they are to table schemes for serving food both indoors & outdoors. They are made from a precisely patchworked composition of marble, acacia wood with wonderful contrasting tones, brass and terrazzo.

The marble pieces used are salvaged offcuts, which speaks to consumer’s concerns about the pivotal issue of material waste in manufacturing industries as well as the environmental impact of their consumerism.

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Samuel Groves – Stainless Steel refurbishment service


Over the last few years we have made a purposeful effort to raise awareness of issues such as plastic pollution, waste and material use and we try to endorse the brands and companies who are genuinely trying to do things right and for the right reasons.

Our selection of Samuel Groves First Class Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware is as much about the significance of the after-sales service offered as it is about the actual products. The excellent quality of the Classic Range, which is made in Britain, includes a Sauce Pan with lid, Casserole Pan, Paella Pan, Chef’s Pan, Sauté Pan, Milk Pan, Frying Pan and Roasting Dish. All the products have riveted handles for extra strength and are suitable for induction, gas, electric and ceramic hobs, plus they can be placed in the oven and are dishwasher safe.

We want to acknowledge the steps Samuel Groves have taken to align themselves with environmentally conscious consumers and how they are addressing issues relating to environmental damage, pollution, waste and over-consumption.

They have recognised that consumers understand that their individual actions can influence the global narrative of change as they face up to the realities and responsibilities associated with Climate Change. They are trying to mitigate their negative impact, adjusting their behaviour to the needs of the planet. Many people now have a keen focus on reducing waste as they attempt to rethink throwaway consumerism and are therefore buying less in a shift towards ‘slow-sumption’.

As a British manufacturer Samuel Groves is taking this change in consumer attitude and behaviour seriously via their new ‘Pan For Life’ refurbishment scheme and in the process setting a benchmark for other manufacturers. Being accountable, responsible and innovative is crucial if manufacturers are going to play their part in finding solutions for a sustainable future.

Here is how it works:

Once a customer purchases a piece of Samuel Groves cookware they then sign-up for the scheme and are given a ‘Pan For Life’ guarantee. They can then return a pan for recoating and repairs, which can even include replacing worn handle rivets. Plus they’ll re-polish the pan back to how it was when it first came off the production line. This means people will not need to throwaway their pans and replace them when they become worn after years of use and cleaning. Instead they can have their love worn pan totally refurbed and the cost is set to be no more than 25% of the cost of a new pan.

This may seem counterintuitive from a sales perspective but actually it speaks to the ‘waste less’ objectives at the core of many consumer’s principled purchase decision making. And we believe it will encourage eco-conscious consumers to choose to purchase a Samuel Groves pan rather than other brands because of this scheme, taking a long-term view of maybe 10 years down the road when they can have their pans refurbished rather than replace them.

We also want to congratulate Samuel Groves on their new Carbon Neutral status. To achieve this they have had to make several changes and investments.  

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Newey & Bloomer

Swan Products – Retro Range Mellow Yellow


Golden sunshine yellows will play a significant role in providing a radiant positivity and feel good glow in 2021. It is an optimistic, gender-neutral colour with a confident, laid-back attitude that has vivid associations with exotic holidays, fragrant spices and tropical fruit. On-trend yellows can be mellow and milky in tone with a retro vibe, right through to slightly ochre mustards that give products a warm character. Yellows are set to trend-up in 2021 and their integration into Spring/Summer product offers is therefore well worth considering. For consumers the selection of yellow kitchen worktop electrical products, like SWAN’s Retro Range in Mellow Yellow, are practical and attractive purchases that introduce this uplifting colour into their homes.

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Tea Venture - Noveltea


Our next selection is NOVELTEA by Tea Venture. They are innovative blends of tea and alcohol…what’s not to like?!

The founders spent more than 6 months and over 400 brews to perfect each of the recipes; combining specially-selected tea leaves (cold-brewed to extract a fuller, rounded flavour) and blending them with a perfectly-paired, expertly-crafted spirit and a range of complimentary ingredients to create complex, unexpected ready-to-drink alcoholic tea. And their timing is great because Tea Venture’s research found that:

• The UK’s tea market is expected to grow annually by 4.7% (from 2020-2025) • The UK’s Alcoholic Drinks market is expected to grow annually by 10.2% (from 2020-2023) • Consumers are shifting to ‘Ready-To-Drink’ products as well as seeking out new flavour experiences that are out of the ordinary. • NOVELTEA can be drunk cold over ice or warm (by heating in a saucepan or microwave) and Tea Venture say that most people find that heating NOVELTEA releases an entirely different flavour profile. • There are currently 3 flavours or ‘Tales’ as Tea Venture refer to them: • ‘The Tale of Earl Grey’ is a blend of Earl Grey Tea with London Dry Gin. • ‘The Tale of Moroccan Mint’ is a blend of Green Mint Tea with White Caribbean Rum along with hints of lemongrass to add a sharp, citrus note and apple for a balancing sweet note. • ‘The Tale of Oolong’ is a blend of Oolong Tea with Scotch Whisky along with honey and mango, which enhance the natural sweetness and honey notes found in Oolong Tea.

They make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day or Easter, especially because the bottle and label designs are so attractive.

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Paxton Whitfield

Orthex range - Bio & Recycled range


As Trend Forecasters it is always encouraging for us to learn about companies that are finding ways to do things differently in order to reduce environmental damage, whether it is production methods, offsetting emissions or greater consideration regarding the utilisation of material resources. Orthex Group is another good example of this type of innovative thinking. Much of their product offer focusses on recycled plastics and biobased plastics. These are materials that could be much more widely used in manufacturing. If we are going to be serious about protecting the environment we have to take steps to solve our plastic waste problem.

UK consumers are putting pressure on brands and retailers for more sustainable options and plastic alternatives as growing numbers of consumers attempt to eradicate or at least greatly reduce the amount of plastic products in their homes (with a strong focus on kitchens) in the wake of TV shows like the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet II’ and the ‘Plastic Oceans’ documentary on Netflix drawing attention to ocean plastic pollution.

We are now seeing more material developments based on recycling renewables and based on natural materials, including from the agricultural industry, that can be reformatted to create plastic alternatives. The GastroMax BIO range from Orthex Group consists of utensils and cutting boards. The utensils combine stainless steel blades with handles made from a bio-based plastic and the cutting boards are made solely of the bio-based plastic that replaces the use of fossil-fuel plastic. It is made from a mix of Nordic spruce wood fibre and sugarcane. The utensils and boards are dishwasher safe and free from BPA.

The SmartStore™ Basket range is made from 100% recycled plastic. They are available in White and Taupe and are ideal for neatly organising and storing food packets and tins, as well as bathroom supplies, children’s toys, craft items or home office items.

And the SmartStore™ Collect range is comprised of a large box made from around 70-80% recycled plastic, with inserts for separating waste that are made from 100% recycled plastic. Its modular design makes recycling easy – you can sort and store packaging waste in the big 76 litre box and use the smaller insert bins to separate different types of waste. The robust bamboo lid completes the product design and enables the box to be used as a practical seat…handy if placed in a hallway, entrance or kitchen for putting shoes on etc.

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Ross & Ross Gifts

The DRH Collection


Stunning glasses from The DRH Collection designed by Artland®. They are all mouth blown and decorated all the way around with lasered tropical leaves and a mirrored silvered finish. The leaves are further enriched by the green metallic finish on the inside which glows through the lasered-out leaf silhouettes making them really stand out from the silver. There are 5 drinking glasses in the range:

• Champagne Flutes • Champagne Saucers • Gin Glasses • Martini Glasses • Wine Glasses • Tumblers • And there are also 2 striking hurricane lamps, which look even more effective when lit up.

These glasses connect al fresco dining with the surrounding garden backdrop of foliage to enhance the experience and make outdoor summer meal moments more beautiful. And when dining indoors they introduce a welcome layer of Nature into homes. The abundance of greens in this trend speaks to consumer’s desires to feel connected to nature as their environmental awareness increases. And these greens also communicate the suggestion of growth and renewal - important messages post-pandemic and a colour group that will resonate with consumers. We are reassured by greens at a very basic level and according to psychologists it is because where we see green we know we can find water and survive. So green represents life and hope for the future.

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Some of the routines and habits people established during the UK Lockdown will remain post-pandemic including cooking at home more and having more ‘meal moments’ and get-togethers at home that might previously have taken place in restaurants, casual dining eateries and bars. And as the economic impact of the restriction measures sets in this could further influence people to eat out less and create more ‘at-home’ events that feel special despite restricted budgets.

Cooking at home more justifies investment in good kitchen kit and home chefs, who now have greater confidence in their culinary skills, want to use professional quality products. As people shift to eating less processed foods and ready meals and instead cook from scratch for their own health and the health of the planet, quality knives that make the preparation of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruit easier are a must.

Grunwerg have an exceptional selection of knives and we want to highlight 2 ranges in particular that provide home chefs with amazing knives that also sit within the parameters of this trend’s aesthetic values with its dark wood tones, black colour notes and hammered & chiselled finishes that play deep textures against polished smoothness.

• The distinct hammered texture on the Ashwood range offers a unique design which also has a practical purpose as it prevents food from sticking to the edges of the knife during use. • The wooden handles are made from Ashwood, which is known for its dependable and robust qualities as well as its versatility and contemporary good looks, coupled here with hardened German steel blades. • The hammered finish blade on the Tamahagane range contrasts beautifully with the black Micarta handles. Again this textured finish helps with food release during use. They are made in Japan and crafted using the finest 3-ply steel utilising ancient Japanese sword making techniques recreated via modern technology. ‘San’ 3-ply steel blades are made by repeatedly rolling the steel, to extract all impurities, creating a much more durable and harder blade that will last significantly longer.

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