Exclusively Shows are delighted to announce HUUS,  based in Halesworth are the winners of the Thrive and Survive competition.

Exclusively Shows, chose this store for the opportunities it presented, their enthusiasm to take part and openness to react and implement the recommendations.  The store is situated in the market town of Halesworth, they are fortunate to benefit from a fairly affluent customer base of local residents and some second home owners. Huus believe their challenges include increasing their curb appeal with the small high windows and product selection.

2018, saw 2018 Exclusively Shows launch a new retailer initiative “Thrive and Survive”, offering all attendees the opportunity to enter a competition for one retailer to benefit from a consultation with the shows trend experts Scarlet Opus. The consultation would review the winning stores layout, décor, product offering, website, social media and merchandising as seen by today’s customer.  The object to provide recommendations to create a retail environment that is appealing to today’s consumer.

When asked why they had entered Huus replied.

We visited the Housewares show after only being open for 8 months. It was therefore still early days in terms of our knowledge of product selection, customer profile, footfall, marketing etc. for our new brand/concept of Northern European Home Lifestyle and Gifts. Huus was based on our experience of this concept from living in The Netherlands - Ron is native Dutch.

Attending the show and the seminars gave new insights into design trends and marketing in the Housewares sector. Although we believe our business strategy is strong, we put ourselves forward for the project as we know that somebody with a fresh view of the business will find new/different opportunities that we might not see and will challenge us in our thinking about the future direction of Huus. Tunnel vision can creep in easily and it is important to keep up with and ahead of the market in this difficult era of British retailing

And this is what owners Jane and Ron Dekker added this when they knew they had won

We were absolutely delighted to hear that we have made it to the next stage of the Thrive and Survive consultation with Scarlet Opus. This will be a fantastic opportunity for us to work with Phil and his team to identify opportunities to strengthen our brand and business. We are very excited!

The Exclusively Show Team are looking forward to sharing the results of HUUS consultation case over the forthcoming months, in order that other retailers can learn from the experience.