Meet him on Tuesday 13th June 2017, in Tomorrow’s Kitchen at the Exclusively Shows, Business Design Centre at 11.20 am

Budding cooks are rubbing shoulders with experienced chefs these days, but they all agree on the most versatile piece of cookware that makes cooking enjoyable, simple and rewarding: the wok. You can hardly say ‘WOK’ without thinking of KEN HOM, the celebrity chef who taught the UK how to wok over 30 years ago, and people have kept on wokking ever since.

Ken Hom will be demonstrating his unrivalled cooking skills on a UK tour. Visit Tomorrow’s Kitchen at Exclusively Housewares, on 13th June at 11.20am in the Business Design Centre, London. Don’t miss the chance to say a friendly ‘hello’ to Ken Hom, who will be greeting guests on stand EH110 and signing recipe books.

The wok was commercially introduced to the UK with its traditional rounded base, but it soon became apparent that its traditional round shape did not fit the gas cookers used at that time, as the burners could not properly cradle this new type of pan. It was Ken Hom who helped develop the flat-bottomed wok in 1986, so that it would better adapt to the UK hobs.  By 2005 one in seven people in Britain owned a Ken Hom wok. Today, the flat bottomed wok is also recommended for electric, ceramic stove tops and heat induction burners for its great versatility.

Remembering how wok cooking influenced his early life, Ken Hom says: ‘After losing my father when I was just eight months old, I was brought up by my mother in the China Town district of Chicago and went to work in my uncle Paul’s restaurant at the age of 11. We were poor then but my mum would still create a three-course meal every day in her tiny kitchen, just using her wok and cleaver. I remember her quick, delicious meals made out of a little rice, a little dried fish, some spice. Once when she could not work for a month, she still produced flavoursome meals out of these few ingredients, and her wok. We loved the simple, wok prepared food. To enjoy life and be happy means to eat well. That I believe, wholeheartedly, and wok cooking allows me to do just that’.

The Ken Hom wok range has evolved over time to incorporate many materials, and meet the needs of its users. Today, the range available from major UK outlets such as Steamer Trading in Harrogate, includes a practical ‘Everyday Range’ which is aimed at cost-conscious cooks who want to explore Asian cooking.  The ‘Performance Range’, used by Ken Hom himself, is made from high quality materials with exceptional durability. In the range you will find a Carbon Steel Wok, a Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok & Grill Pan and a Non-Stick Carbon Wok Set priced from £18.99 to £62.99. is external) twitter: @chefkenhom  #KenHomWoks   Facebook: Chef Ken Hom

Potted history of the wok 

Historians have a number of theories as to the invention of the wok. Some say it was invented to preserve the scarce amount of fuel in some Chinese regions, others that the wok made it possible to create a wide variety of dishes out of a limited number of food ingredients. The simplicity and ease of cooking an entire meal in one singular pan simply could not be ignored: it’s used for stir-frying, blanching, deep-frying and steaming. Its deep sides prevent food and oil from spilling over and much less oil is required thanks to the shape of the wok, as it concentrates the heat and ingredients in its base.