The ground-breaking AntiOx Wine Stopper from Pulltex, which is distributed in the UK by Falcon Products, proved its worth at the recent London Wine Fair.

IWC Discovery Tasting, where wines are presented to potential buyers at a free-pour tasting, takes place during the Fair and this year the organisers used AntiOx throughout the event. International Wine Challenge event director, Chris Ashton commented, “Following sensory product testing in April 2017, we decided to use the AntiOx Wine Stopper manufactured by Pulltex, to preserve the characteristics of our medal-winning wines opened during the 3 days of IWC Discovery Tasting at London Wine Fair.” For further information go to

The AntiOx Stopper, which is recommended by top sommeliers, features a patented revolutionary system which includes a carbon filter, so once the wine bottle is closed with the stopper, the oxidation of wine is interrupted, halting the production of acetic acid and stopping any damage to the wine. For further information go to

Gary Downham, managing director at Falcon Products says, “This is fabulous recognition for a product we know to be truly exceptional and is one of the many innovations offered by Pulltex throughout their comprehensive collection of corkscrews and wine accessories.”

AntiOx will feature as part of the Pulltex display on the Falcon Products stand EH209 - come and see it for yourself!